Why does BAD GRAMM3R have such low prices?

We believe in fair prices for the consumers, especially those consumers who use cannabis on a daily basis. We don’t believe that all the businesses with high prices are greedy, but we do believe they have made an unfortunate decision to be charging so much. That goes for cultivators and manufacturers as well. Alaskans may never see prices as low as the lower 48 states due to the increased cost of doing business in Alaska. However, it does not cost twice as much to do business in Alaska as it does in the lower 48. We aren’t buying the excuse that a gram of flower has to be wholesaled for $10 plus and retailed for $22 plus. Prices that high are simply uncalled-for. There’s no way to justify it. And we stand by that opinion, which we believe is strongly backed up by easily researched data and statistics about the cost of shipping, the cost of power, and the cost of living in Alaska versus other states.


Hi guys~!  I deleted the part about not selling edibles.  We do sell them!  This was left over from our general manager last year....


Why is BAD GRAMM3R next to residential homes?

The residential homes near the Bad Gramm3r facility were platted for commercial development. When we purchased our property at 1150 N Helen Lane, two of the lots that now have residential homes were vacant and undeveloped. When construction began, we assumed it would be for new commercial buildings and were surprised to discover that homes were being built. Additionally, our lot has been used exclusively for commercial retail businesses for well over 10 years prior to our purchase. For many years, it was a popular tobacco shop/headshop as well as a yarn store. We went through the same rigorous process for our Mat-Su Borough Conditional Use Permit required by other marijuana facilities. We met every requirement from the State of Alaska and the Mat-Su Borough. Our Conditional Use Permit was approved unanimously by the Mat-Su Borough Planning Commission.