Tangerine Dream

We are fans of the Tangerine Dream strain of cannabis here at our Wasilla, AK dispensary, and we are certainly not alone. This is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs and won first place overall in the 2010 Cannabis Cup. Since then the strain has only become more refined and potent.

When it comes to cannabis, strong parentage yields strong offspring, and Tangerine Dream has a legendary heritage. These hearty nugs are the result of careful breeding by Amsterdam’s finest seed cultivator Barney’s Farm. Barney’s combined the strong THC production and citrus flavor of G13 with the deeply sedative effects of a naturally harvested Afghani indica. The resulting phenotype was crossed with a terpene rich Neville Haze to create a well-balanced hybrid that has become a favorite of both recreational and medical cannabis consumers.

Tangerine Dream was carefully cultivated to meet the needs of working medical patients making it a great choice as well for outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the Mat-Su Valley. In small to moderate doses, this strain tends to relax the body and dulls severe pain while maintaining mental clarity, energy, and an uplifting mood. For that reason, it’s a great daytime strain for people in the Mat-Su borough suffering from chronic pain, cramping, attention deficit, mood disorders or depression. When taken more liberally, this strain can be far more body-heavy and can lead to intense introspection and couch lock. Recreational consumers tend to enjoy the euphoric feeling and the relaxed silliness that accompany it.

The real treat of Tangerine Dream is the aroma and flavor. Both are dominated by the unmistakable essence of a sweet clementine orange with spicy, earthy undertones. The buds are frosty with bright orange pistils clawing their way through the snowy cover of rich trichromes. The smoke is smooth, with mild diesel notes and the exhale yields the remarkable taste of a slightly bitter orange peel. The signature aroma tends to be muted when this strain is made into an extract or edibles, so true cannabis lovers like to hold out for well-cured buds over adulterated products. Eight years after winning the marijuana world’s most coveted prize, Tangerine Dream flowers continue to improve with every harvest. For marijuana enthusiasts in the Matanuska Valley who crave a well-rounded smoking experience, this strain is a dream come true!

Sour Diesel

If you’re new to the cannabis world, the words ‘sour’ and ‘diesel’ may sound somewhat off-putting. The odor of gasoline is most often associated with toxicity and environmental damage, after all. Those who have experience with Sour D’s pungent, fuel-like aroma and acrid smoke might even agree that it’s not the friendliest flower flavor for bud beginners, while simultaneously jumping at the opportunity to sample some of this legendary sativa-dominant strain. And the more experienced a cannabis consumer is with Sour Diesel weed, the more they drool like Pavlovs dog when the familiar smell of diesel fuel, pine, and sweet soil hits their nostrils. There’s just nothing in the Wasilla, AK recreational marijuana marketplace quite like the award winning Sour Diesel from Alaskans Greenery. The award winning Sour Diesel strain is carried here at Bad Gramm3r dispensary and won the Alaska’s Cannabis Classic Best Retail Product for 2017.

Even though there’s some indica in its genetics, any physical effects it may impart are overshadowed by Sour Diesel’s powerful “head high.” The effects of this high-THC strain come on very quickly in the form of a pleasant, friendly head rush and a sudden elevation of mood. This can last well over an hour for first-time consumers, eventually giving way to some intense introspection and chatty free association with others. It’s unquestionably an energetic daytime strain; Most people will experience no “stoniness” or “couchlock” and creative consumers have reported brainstorming their best ideas while smoking Sour D while keeping their body active. For this reason, people who suffer from anxiety may become easily overwhelmed and experience some paranoia if they ingest too much Sour Diesel too quickly. Paranoia may also present itself if you’re heavily medicated with this strain around people who are not. Sour D is a much more pleasant social strain when it’s shared.

Those who suffer from anxiety or depression have reported this strain to be extremely helpful for their conditions but ONLY when taken in smaller doses. Too much can quickly prove to be overwhelming. Sour D may also assist in reducing nausea, increasing appetite and reducing some pain and inflammation. But for the most part, it’s preferred by recreational consumers over medical patients for its intense, energetic high and it’s overall, euphoric sense of well-being. Choose Sour Diesel when hiking or fishing the great outdoors of Mat-Su borough, gaming with friends, doing household chores or finding fun in any other mundane activity.

Note: A disproportionately large percentage of people who’ve shared their experiences with the Sour Diesel strain have reported it to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Plan accordingly!

Fun Things to Do in Wasilla, Alaska

Yes, BAD GRAMM3R is the best Alaska dispensary, but Wasilla has more to see than just our dispensary (although come through to see us too). Alaska is becoming a hotspot for travel, and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley is at the center of many popular destinations.

Here are just a few of the fun things you can do while you’re in town.

See the Dr. Seuss House

The bestselling author or popular children’s books has never lived here. So why is it called the Dr. Seuss House?

You’ll know when you see it!

This 185-foot-high, 17-floor log cabin is an engineering masterpiece. The house is still under construction after 20 years, and the property is privately owned, but the house is viewable from miles around and well worth the look.

See Independence Mine State Park

This abandoned gold mine has been converted to the 271-acre window to history. Guests will be able to hike scenic trails, see antique mining machinery, roam the museum and even the opportunity to pan for gold!

Catch Some Dinner

Silver, Pink, Chum, Sockeye and, of course, the great King Salmon all roam our rivers just waiting to give you a good fight! The best salmon in the world come from the pristine waters in and around Wasilla. Get here for the prime season between May and October and scope out a good spot for the hunt. Silver Salmon are the wiliest fighters and can be a lot of fun to catch. But there’s nothing like the thrill of pulling in a full-grown king! You can stalk these trophies in Big Lake or Sutton towards the end of the season.

If you’re here in the winter months you can still get your angling fix: there are plenty of ice fishing tours in the offseason.

Ride with the Redingtons

You don’t need to be a fan of dog sledding to love The Iditarod! Check out the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters in Palmer AK. You’ll find a museum, guided tours, gift shop, video room and dog cart rides all summer long.

Witness Prehistory

As its name implies, Musk Ox Farm is preservation for the endangered musk ox. These fascinating beasts have been around since the Pleistocene era. You can get close to these creatures at the farm; they’re surprisingly friendly for a species that survived the reign of saber-toothed tigers and wooly mammoths! You can follow your trip by visiting local artisans who spin qiviut (hairs shed by the musk ox that are softer and stronger than cotton) into cloth as they’ve done for generations

Walk the Matanuska Greenbelt

The glaciers of the last Ice Age carved this gorgeous 33-mile trail. Every year, thousands of people come to these pet-friendly trails to hike, geocache, mountain bike, X-country ski or just get lost in nature to find themselves.

Visit Us!

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