The 10 Best Ways to Smoke or Consume Cannabis


Once you pick out the best cannabis strain in Alaska, all that’s left is to decide how you want to consume it. Customers have a wide variety of marijuana consumption options to choose from, and selecting the best one will depend on the situation as well as your personal preferences. To become a true cannabis expert, we recommend experimenting with a few different delivery methods until you find your favorite.

To give our customers a starting point, here are 10 of the best ways to consume cannabis.

Rolling Papers

This is one of the OG ways to smoke cannabis, and it’s still in style because of how convenient and easy it is. Smoking by rolling paper can generally be broken down into two options: joints and blunts. Joints normally look more like a cigarette, and the paper can be made from all kinds of different materials like hemp, traditional pulp, or even rice paper. Blunts look more like small cigars, and their wraps are normally made from the tobacco plant. For that reason, blunt smokers are generally smoking some small amount of nicotine along with their cannabis. Whichever kind of paper you choose, the process is easy– grind it, roll it, and smoke it.

Water Pipes

Another of the most classic ways to smoke cannabis is through a bong. Together, bongs and bubblers make up the category of water pipes. This family of glass pipes runs the smoke through water to create a smooth, pleasing experience. As the smoke runs through water, it gets cooled down to deliver a hit that most smokers find to be much less harsh. Some people even believe bubblers and bongs work as a filtration device to filter out harmful aspects, but that part is still up for debate. Either way, this is a fun way to smoke, and many people consider it their personal favorite.


Hookahs are designed for smoking shisha, or wet tobacco. The nature of a hookah means it isn’t a great way to smoke cannabis all by itself, but you can certainly add a pinch of your favorite strain into the mix. Simply mix the cannabis in with the shisha to make sure it doesn’t burn up too quickly and create an unpleasant taste. One of the best things about this particular method is how it allows multiple people to hit the hookah from different hoses. It creates a long, social smoking experience for groups. If you’re planning on smoking hookah anyway, consider sandwiching some herb between layers of wet tobacco. If not, you may be better off with another option like cannabis-specific water pipes.

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes come in all shapes and sizes, which is part of the reason they’re so popular. Glass blowers make unique forms with intricate designs, so you can use your hand pipe as a form of creative expression. Some of these are small, which makes them great for smoking on the go. Others are much larger, and are designed to be used around the house. If you’re looking for something portable and discrete, you may want to consider a glass blunt, or a hand pipe that was designed to look like some other object. For smoking at home, a long, ornate, curved piece can be a great addition to your cannabis collection.


Vaporization is taking off as one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis in 2019, especially among people who want a healthier consumption option. Vaporizers can work with both flower and concentrates, so make sure you’re choosing the right one for your intended purpose. The purpose of vaporization is to release THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids without burning the flower up completely. Since you’re not burning the flower up to the same degree you would with a flame, you’re not inhaling as many combusted compounds that may be associated with health risks.


Tinctures are gaining popularity among people who want the effects of cannabis without all the fuss. These liquid cannabis extracts are designed to be administered directly under the tongue, where it’s absorbed through sublingual glands and takes effect quickly. The dosage is easy to monitor, which allows for consistent results. Alcohol and glycerol are commonly used to create tinctures, so keep this in mind if you have a particular aversion to alcohol.


Almost everyone who’s interested in the cannabis industry today has some experience with edibles, because they’re exploding in both popularity and variety. Eating cannabis puts it through the digestive system, which makes it take longer to affect the consumer but can also give it more powerful results. Edibles last a long time, and you can find them in all your favorite foods. The most popular types are sweets like gummies or baked goods, but you can even find infused butter and olive oil to do your own home cooking. For something outside the box, consider edibles in the form of almonds, mints, or extravagant macaroons.

Pills or Capsules

Ingestible forms of cannabis can be produced in pills or capsules. This particular consumption method is somewhat like a cross between edibles and tinctures– they’re a no-nonsense approach to cannabis consumption that goes through your digestive system. If you love the effect and convenience of edibles, but gummies and brownies just aren’t on your diet, capsules may be the answer you’re looking for. It’s not an especially social way to consume your cannabis, but it’s certainly one of the most efficient. This option is a favorite for health-conscious cannabis consumers or people who are on the go.


This option may be the preferred method for people who want local, physical relief without any intoxicating psychoactive effects. Topical delivery methods won’t produce any cerebral effects, but they could help ease inflammation, muscle soreness, or joint pain. Cannabis extract can be absorbed through the skin, so people use infused lotions and balms to address problem areas when they don’t want to feel anything but physical relief. People have used CBD and THC topicals to address everything from arthritis to acne, and some customers absolutely swear by the results.


Cannabis drinks are somewhat like a subset of edibles. They behave extremely similarly, and they also come in a wide variety of flavors. Some people even like to use tinctures in this method– you can add a few drops to just about any drink of your choosing. Other options include drinks in little bottles like you might expect from an energy shot.

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The best way to smoke marijuana is up for debate, and ultimately, it’s your own choice. It’s much easier to decide where to stock up on cannabis in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley and the surrounding area. We at Bad Gramm3r are proud to be recognized as one of the best dispensaries in America by Cannabis News Updates. Our massive menu gives every customer the option to consume cannabis by their favorite method, and experienced budtenders are standing by to help you find the perfect product. We’re open every day from 12pm-8pm, so come shop with us to find the best cannabis deals Alaska has to offer!