Strain Spotlight: Grease Monkey in Wasilla, AK


When you’re looking for a potent hybrid strain to both get your head in the clouds and keep your feet on the ground, Grease Monkey may be the perfect match. It leans a little bit to the Indica side, and consumers report feeling relaxed and carefree thanks to this flower. People have used it to get to sleep, but it can also lend itself to the kind of relaxed focus that’s good for anything from creating art to cleaning up at home. Learn more about this popular strain to see if it’s the right hybrid mix for you.

Grease Monkey Origins: GG4 with Cookies and Cream

Exotic Genetix established a serious claim to fame when they developed their Cookies and Cream strain. It was such a hit, they decided to cross it with GG4 to bring out even more of its desirable qualities. GG4, the popular Gorilla Glue variation, gets that name because it sticks consumers to the couch. The introduction of GG4 is part of the reason Grease Monkey has more Indica than Sativa effects.

Grease Monkey is one of the more prestigious strains of cannabis, as both of its parents have won multiple awards. Taste and potency helped GG4 win first place prizes at the 2014 Cannabis Cup celebrations in both Michigan and Los Angeles, plus the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

Grease Monkey Flavor and Smell

The scent of these buds is classic and powerful– think as if someone dumped out a can of diesel gasoline during a walk in the woods. As you grind up your flower and get used to the tangy earthiness of its aroma, you may start to notice other flavors like sweet citrus. When you light it up and take a puff, you’ll be greeted by a spicy, full-bodied flavor that leaves no doubt about how serious this strain is. There’s no confusing the smell of Grease Monkey for anything besides premium cannabis, so break it out when you’re ready to fill the room with notes of loud dankness.

Grease Monkey Strain Effects

Given the recognition its parents have won, it might not come as a surprise that Grease Monkey packs a serious punch. People report feeling focused euphoria with this strain as stress and pain fade away. Even small doses can yield lasting relief since Grease Monkey has an average THC content of 26% and has been measured with as much as 30% THC potency.

Customers often feel relaxed, happy, and creative after micro-dosing with this flower. Larger quantities are likely to bring on a serious case of the munchies and may put consumers to bed for the night. Wherever this strain takes you, you’ll probably want to take a drink– it’s been said to make people’s mouths feel a little bit dry. Reviewers report experiencing serenity and focus after Grease Monkey gives them a tune-up. Expect things to run more smoothly after your mental and physical discomforts have been addressed.

Where to Buy Grease Monkey in Wasilla, AK

Grease Monkey is usually available at Bad Gramm3r in Wasilla, Alaska. Just under an hour from Anchorage, we’re proud to serve the Mat-Su Valley and surrounding areas. Our budtenders are some of the most knowledgeable cannabis experts in the valley, and we love nothing more than helping our customers find new and exciting strains. Stop by today to catch a whiff of these powerful flowers.