5 Reported Cannabis Health Benefits


Many people have associated negative stereotypes to frequent cannabis usage. Plenty of people still assume individuals who smoke weed are slackers who smoke to make movies more enjoyable. However, there are actually numerous health benefits of marijuana. You may have heard how cannabis can help treat glaucoma and control epileptic seizures, but there are other health benefits you may not be aware of.

Prevent Alzheimer’s

While more research is necessary, initial research suggests THC, the active ingredient in cannabis , can slow down the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease in an individual. One study found THC impedes the development of amyloid plaques in the brain. These plaques are responsible for destroying brain cells, so the infusion of THC could lower a person’s risk. While researchers will need to do more to find a more direct link, scientists are optimistic about the findings

Soothe Those With Parkinson’s Disease

People with Parkinson’s disease are prone to tremors. This can inhibit their fine motor skills, but research suggests medical marijuana can help relieve some of these symptoms. The use of cannabis can help individuals with their nausea, weight loss, sleep dysfunction and anxiety. Similarly, to its potential effect on Alzheimer’s, the addition of THC in cannabis has been shown to help with neurological conditions. Further clinical research will be necessary again to prove a link between the treatment and the condition, but researchers are hopeful.

Help With Stroke Recovery

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States suffer from strokes every year. It is a dangerous event that can lead to disability or even death. For those who need to recover following a stroke, marijuana use could be an asset.

Research has already been conducted on monkeys, mice, and rats, which shows that cannabis can help protect the brain after a stroke. In this case, the benefits of cannabis are due to the fact the substance reduces the area of the brain that was impacted by the stroke. Since the brain is highly complex, additional research will be necessary. The findings also support the notion cannabis use can help with other neurological issues, such as concussions.

Limit Symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Cannabis has also shown to have a soothing effect on those with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as ulcerative colitis. The chemicals in cannabis, namely cannabidiol, and THC interact with bodily cells in a unique way that strengths both the immune system and gut function. The reason for this appears to be due to the fact the chemicals increase the permeability of the intestines. It makes the organs hold tighter together. This allows more bacteria in, permitting healthier functionality. Since it is plant-derived, it is completely natural and healthy.

Assist You in Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Numerous health conditions start or become exacerbated from a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a huge problem in the United States with millions of American suffering from some kind of sleep disorder. 30 percent of individuals will suffer from insomnia at some point. Fortunately, the key to avoiding all this may be to utilize cannabis.

Research has shown cannabis serves as a fantastic sleeping aid. Once again, THC is the key ingredient. It helps relieve stress and pain that could be stopping a person from falling asleep at a decent hour. It also impacts the brain’s natural sleep-wake cycle. As a result, many people prefer using marijuana to go to sleep rather than pills.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Cannabis Today

With so many consumers reporting medical cannabis benefits, there is probably some way you can utilize it effectively. Bad Gramm3r is open seven days a week to help the people of Alaska acquire cannabis legally. You can contact us today to learn more about medical uses of cannabis.

Disclaimer: “Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.”; “Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence.”; “There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana.”; “For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.”; “Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.”

Image: ADragan