Strain Spotlight: Gas Monkey Strain

Strain Spotlight: Gas Monkey Strain

**UPDATE** on 9/11/20 As Bad Gramm3r continues to maintain our high standards of testing and quality control, we found that Gas Monkey no longer meets our standards. Click here to see some strains we highly recommend.

Gas Monkey Strain Origins

Here in Wasilla, Alaska, we get our Gas Monkey from Green Go. It’s a combination of Grease Monkey and Gas. The lineage behind Gas is a fairly well-protected secret, but it’s most likely a variety of OG Kush.

Grease Monkey is a cross between Original Glue (also known as GG4) and Cookies and Cream. Given the legendary genetic material that goes into Gas Monkey, it’s no surprise that it’s making such a name for itself.

One thing is clear as soon as you start looking at where Gas Monkey comes from– this strain is to be treated with respect. Some people report that small amounts might perk them up a little bit, but one or two puffs too many can leave even a cannabis connoisseur in a haze.

What to Expect From Gas Monkey

You might smell this flower before you see it. It’s hard to imagine exactly what a gas monkey would smell like, but we’re guessing it would reek. The Gas Monkey strain lives up to its name in that regard by releasing a stinky perfume of menthol, cloves, and a splash of jet fuel.

All of that powerful aroma comes from soft dense, heavy light nuggets that are covered in orange hairs and a generous frosting of crystals. You may catch a faint whiff of citrus as you grind up the flower, and the strong flavor palette comes across loud and clear upon exhale.

Gas Monkey brings on the heavy effects thanks to its super high 28-31% average THC level. Gas Monkey hits like a 400-pound gorilla, so do your best not to let it knock the wind out of your lungs. Despite the intensity, some people report while inhaling this indica-dominant hybrid, the experience that follows is generally described as very soothing.

If this strain were named after a Pink Floyd song instead of a primate, it would be called Comfortably Numb. Customers who enjoy what Gas Monkey has to offer often say that a heavy, relaxed feeling starts in the head before extending to the rest of the body.

Since Gas Monkey leans noticeably toward the indica side of things and brings such a high concentration of THC, most people reserve it for nighttime smoking.

Prepare to ease yourself into a blanket cocoon on the couch or settle in for a pleasant nap.

If you plan on staying up for a while to watch a movie or let your thoughts drift, you may want to make sure you keep some snacks within arm’s reach. Most of our customers say they like to grab something filling to eat (plus a refreshing drink) while they enjoy Gas Monkey.

Where to Find Gas Monkey in Alaska

Since we at Bad Gramm3r are so committed to finding the best cannabis strains in Alaska, it was only a matter of time before we stocked up on Gas Monkey. Come find our dispensary in Wasilla to see why so many people come back for this indica-dominant hybrid again and again.

Our friendly budtenders will help you navigate the entire dispensary menu, which includes all kinds of premium flower and other products. This is only one of our high-THC strains, and you may even be able to get some Gas Monkey kief with over 45% THC potency.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/content_creator