The World’s Longest, Toughest Snowmobile Race!


The event began in 1984 as a 1,000-mile (1,600 km) race in Alaska from Big Lake near Wasilla to Nome. The Iron Dog race is a world-class snowmachine event that crosses the state of Alaska each February, impacting more than 25 Alaskan communities. The Iron Dog teams race from Anchorage to Nome and finish in Fairbanks. Racers travel nearly 2,000 miles of Alaska’s most remote and rugged terrain while surviving the harsh Alaskan winter conditions and sub-zero temperatures. The potential payout s nearly $200,000!

20-faeo-scott (1).jpg

Scott Faeo, and partner Eric Quam were the $50,000 prize winners of the 2015 Iron Dog coming in at 41:46:52 hours. Scott is a born and raised in Wasilla, following his father’s footsteps, John Faeo, who won the first inaugural 1984 race and is a record holder of 7 victories on this grueling race. Bad Gramm3r is proud to be Scott’s 2019 platinum sponsor!