When a ballot measure passed that legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes, Alaska became the greatest destination in the U.S. for marijuana tourism. For the traveling cannabis connoisseur, here are just a few reasons you need to make the great state of Alaska your next vacation destination.

We’ve Got Experience

Even though recreational marijuana was officially legalized in 2014, we’ve been at it for a long time. Alaskans are an independent bunch; they do things their way and have a proud tradition of rejecting federal government interference. Responsible, law-abiding citizens have been growing small amounts of cannabis for more than 45 years. And thanks to a ruling in Alaska’s Supreme Court, marijuana use in one’s private home has been legal in the state since 1975. We are still the only state in the union that has a state constitutional right to privacy that protects people from government intervention in the privacy of their property.

Cool, right?

So there’s already a bank of knowledge about cannabis cultivation in Alaska that’s written into our DNA. And our growers are regularly traveling to other states with adult-use laws to refine their techniques and genetics to make sure our local cannabis is second-to-none.\

Gorgeous Scenery

Everything in Alaska is gorgeous, and it’s only more stellar with a little bit of weed ganja! If you enjoy hiking, skiing, salmon fishing, whale watching, photography, camping or just taking in the beauty of nature, no other place holds a candle to The Last Frontier. The Northern Lights are breathtaking; the ski slopes are powdery, our water is crystal clear, the air is sweet and unpolluted, and the mountain views can be breathtaking. You won’t find a more suitable locale to get high and connect with nature.

Just make sure you leave your stash behind if you’re going to one of our beautiful national parks; the feds are still in charge there.

No Separate Medical Program

Alaska adopted medical cannabis in 1998, but never passed a provision allowing for dispensaries to sell it. This is great news for today’s consumers used to being denied the dankest nuggets or paying extra taxes for “medical grade” product. Any cannabis for sale is available to all customers at the same price. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of your visit to a pot cannabis shop in AK.

Are We Going to be the New Amsterdam?

The Marijuana Control board is trying to make Alaska the first U.S. state to allow “cannabis cafes” like those famously found in Holland. The board already adopted rules in 2015 to permit people to use marijuana at an authorized business. However, the issue of just how to implement these rules and what wording is needed has been debated on and off for the last few years.

A meeting is scheduled for June 2018 during which the control board is expected to begin discussions on how the process will work. Stay tuned!

Cannabis Friendly B&Bs

“Bud and Breakfasts” are enjoying a legal grey area, as they are technically private residences, they are allowed to gift marijuana to their guests and can set their own rules about nicotine smoking and cannabis consumption. These getaways can offer outdoor activities, health spa treatments, cannabis tours, transportation and marijuana classes all in a quiet, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Because regulations for business consumption haven’t been ironed out, some proprietors might take a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” approach out of an abundance of caution. But there are still plenty who openly court the green traveler by advertising that they’re 420- friendly.

Cannabis Tours

More companies are popping up every week that specializes in marijuana tourism. These tours usually include at least one visit to a recreational cannabis store and cultivation facility, along with other cannabis-themed adventures. Tours may include activities like glass blowing classes, hash making, cannabis oil massages, a visit to a “cannabis speakeasy,” hikes or whale watching trips. There’s something for everyone; even private, romantic, marijuana-themed tours for two.

Our Marijuana Dispensary & Head Shop

Bad Gramm3r is proud to call Wasilla, Alaska it’s cannabis home. We proudly serve visitors from anywhere in the greater Anchorage metropolitan region, as well as the Knik River Area, the Butte, Wasilla, Knik-Fairview Loop, Palmer, Farm Loop, Lazy Mountain, Buffalo Soapstone, Sutton, Chickaloon, Big Lake, Point Mackenzie, Houston and Willow communities.

Bad Gramm3r is making waves in the Alaskan marijuana industry by dropping prices and competing with the Black Market, rather than other stores. And thanks to our top-notch standard of customer care, we carry the finest quality products on our shelves. A family owned and operated retail dispensary, Bad Gramm3r works hard to join forces with the best cannabis cultivators and marijuana product manufacturers in the state, delivering our customers cannabis, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and paraphernalia accessories of the finest quality. Our exceptional, and caring budtenders not only believe in what they do, they want to share that cannabis passion with anyone who walks through our doors. We have specials running throughout the week, giving customers even more deals on our already low prices! Parking is plentiful, with a handicap-accessible ramp and spaces right in front of our door!

Location Information: Wasilla is the sixth-largest city in the state of Alaska, located in the northern area of the Cook Inlet within the south-central area of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Home to both Lake Lucille and Wasilla Lake, Wasilla boasts a local airport that connects it to regions across the state. It lies near the junction of the 1 and 3 highways, making Anchorage, Eagle River and the Elmendorf Air Force Base a relatively easy travel distance. The Knik River lies to its east, eventually connecting with the Matanuska River when they reach the Knik Arm of the Gulf of Alaska. Visitors curious about marijuana traveling anywhere from the Little Nelchina Public Use Area down to Fire Island are invited to check out what Bad Gramm3r has to offer.

When you decide to visit the greatest state in the nation, stop into Bad Gramm3r and say high! We can point you towards the best spots and walk you through the finer points of the local weed cannabis laws. And, of course, we’ve got the best selection of marijuana, concentrates, edibles, and paraphernalia at the fairest prices in the Mat-Su Valley and beyond.