4 Reasons to Try Cannabis Before Your Next Workout


Our customers frequently ask if they can or should work out while high, and we’re delighted to inform them that cannabis can be a great exercise enhancement supplement. One of our favorite things about the diverse effects of different strains is how there’s a cannabis product for nearly every situation. It’s important to find the best cannabis strain for working out, then consume it in a responsible manner.

For example, edibles might not be the right choice, because it’s hard to know exactly when they’ll kick in. People who have to drive to a gym (or anywhere else) should also steer clear of any and all intoxicating substances. If you’re comfortable enough with your workout regimen to add cannabis to the mix, here are four benefits you may experience.

Athletes Use Cannabis to Reduce Soreness

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances in 2018 because they believe in its therapeutic uses. Athletes in high-impact sports like weight lifting, football, and UFC fighting have relied on cannabis flower, CBD oil, and other concentrates to help recover after exerting themselves. Anti-inflammatory properties are terrific for soothing joints and muscles. The relief you find will help you get back to your fitness routine more quickly and address discomfort between sessions.

The Munchies Can Help Your Bulking Efforts

There isn’t much evidence to suggest that cannabis will lead directly to increased muscle mass, but increased caloric intake can help with that. When athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts want to gain muscle, they need to give their body fuel. Some customers have told us it’s extremely difficult for them to consume enough calories when they’re gaining mass. In those cases, people might want to rely on a strain that gives them a serious case of the munchies.

Recovery, Relief, and Energy

Cannabis may not be the best supplement for high-stakes performances like setting a new personal record or participating in a sporting event that involves unpredictable tasks. That said, it can help fitness enthusiasts stay in the zone during more standard exercises they’re already comfortable with. Some athletes compare the effects of cannabis to a natural effect called the “runners high.” Working out high on the right strain can mitigate discomfort during the training session and provide extended energy that keeps people fast and efficient.

Cannabis vs. Alcohol for Athletes

Some fitness enthusiasts love cannabis simply because of how it makes them feel. Recreational consumption is associated with feelings of relaxation, and many people would rather rely on flower than alcohol when they want to unwind. Exercising while hungover from alcohol can be excruciating, so taking a bunch of shots can derail the next day’s workout. Cannabis, on the other hand, is more conducive to a good night of sleep that refreshes the body and mind. Replacing beer, wine, or liquor with cannabis in recreational pursuits also helps people avoid empty calories and excessive carbs.

Where to Get Chronic Supplements for Your Next Workout

Bad Gramm3r is happy to help customers who are interested in working out high or using cannabis as a recovery aid. Our experienced staff of budtenders offers plenty of knowledge and experience for you to rely on as you navigate our complete menu. Come visit us, tell us about your workout routine, and let us know what kind of effect you’re looking for. We’ll set you up with all the right products to help you get more enjoyment and productivity from your next high workout.