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Welcome to BAD GRAMM3R, a licensed retail cannabis shop serving Alaska's Mat-Su Valley and beyond.



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Why does BAD GRAMM3R have such low prices?

We believe in fair prices for the consumers!   Alaskans may never see prices as low as the lower 48 states due to the increased cost of doing business in Alaska. We have researched the data and statistics about the cost of shipping, the cost of power, and the cost of living in Alaska versus other states.  It does not cost twice as much to do business in Alaska as it does in the lower 48.  So we can pass the savings on to YOU!





Peter, Teri, and Casey make up the “3” in BAD GRAMM3R.

The company was founded by Peter Zell in 2016. Peter and his family have resided in Alaska since the early 70s and the Mat-Su Borough for over 45 years. Peter came to Alaska to work on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. The Zell family loves Southcentral Alaska and they love the cannabis community, and are happy to have called the Mat-Su their home for over 4 decades.

Ever since 1972, it was a dream of mine (Teri) to have a pot shop in the valley;  one that would cater to all ages and walks of life in a friendly and supportive manner.

We strive to accommodate each person as part of the “Valley family”.  Our budtenders were selected for their genuine, fun nature, as well as their ability to give the best customer service we can offer.

We carry a fine selection of cannabis in pre-rolls, and pre-packaged grams .  Our concentrates range from e-blunts, shatter and stogies.  We offer a fine selection of paraphernalia, from inexpensive pipes to top shelf Nexus brand glass.  We also carry bongs of all sizes and shapes, clothing and hats, and a nice selection of reading material. 

We want our customers to feel free to browse and enjoy the fun interior as well as just taking care of business.  When you come into our store, you will be greeted at the door to check your ID and be briefed on the layout of the store.  We will most likely introduce you to our budtenders or chat with you if you have questions.   Our aim is to provide the best shopping experience – and what could be better than purchasing LEGAL CANNABIS?

We have a great deal of security; we want anyone visiting our store to feel comfortable, if they are first time visitors or one of our loyal customers. 

Cameras surround the building inside and out. 


Come in and
say high!

Open 7 Days a Week

(907) 357-0420

1150 North Helen Lane
Wasilla, AK 99654