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If you’re new to the cannabis community in Alaska, you may be caught off guard by the jargon and slang that is used to describe common tools and components of the marijuana experience. For example, a preroll, a joint, a spliff, and a blunt may be used interchangeably, but these terms don’t all refer to the same item. When choosing a preroll — which is simply a joint that has been rolled before the customer purchases it — it is essential to pick a product that is fresh and of the highest quality. At Bad Gramm3r we are proud to serve the Alaska community with the highest quality of cannabis prerolls and joints. 

All About Cannabis Prerolls and Joints

Let’s face it — some of us don’t have the dexterity or the desire to roll our own cannabis, but we’d much prefer smoking a joint to eating edibles or using concentrates. A preroll is just another term for a pre-rolled joint that you can smoke without having to worry about cultivating cannabis flowers, grinding them, or perfecting the art of rolling them into joint form. You can simply select a joint from a menu of options and enjoy it. Think of prerolls as analogous to takeout food: You don’t have to think about the ingredients, the cooking method, or ways to serve it to your guests — you can simply enjoy the fact that it was cooked, prepared, and boxed up for your convenience. 

Preroll Quality Matters

It’s always best to purchase high-quality prerolls from a vendor or cannabis dispensaries with a good reputation or a brand you recognize to ensure freshness, the quality of the product inside, and the assurance that it has been rolled correctly and with the right materials. A general location menu may show a few types of prerolls or only hand them out as “bonus” items when you buy other products, while other places such as our Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska locations each boast an extensive dispensary menu. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to purchase specific strains of cannabis in your preroll or search for one that is as long or as short as you desire.

Why Would Someone Choose Pre-Rolls?

Though many people enjoy the ritual that accompanies many aspects of cannabis use — choosing a favorite strain, crushing or grinding the cannabis flower, and rolling them into a joint of your own specifications — many people simply enjoy the fact that the preroll affords them convenience. If you’re bringing weed for friends, you don’t have to worry about transporting all of the flower, paper, and grinding components that go into creating them. 

If you’re traveling (to an area that has legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use, of course, and remember, no smoking on federal ground!), the convenience of taking along a few pre-rolled joints far outweighs forgetting a filter or a wrap at home. 

Considerations and Benefits of Choosing Pre-Rolled Cannabis

When you opt for a preroll over another cannabis product, you have to consider a few factors that will influence what you purchase and the quantity. For example, do you want to choose the convenience of storage over the ritual of rolling your own joint? Are you purchasing several prerolls to be enjoyed at a later date, and do you have a way to transport them and keep them as fresh as possible? 

Moisture, the temperature of the air, and light can be environmental factors that ruin your prerolls. Mold, for example, can be an issue if you are not careful. There are several ways to extend the shelf life of prerolls, but you need to take these into account before purchasing a large stock of them. Remember, cannabis is a plant, and natural material can expire faster than you think! 

These are all good questions to consider, and there are several factors that may steer you toward prerolls. Maybe you have a medical condition that necessitates pre-rolled products due to lack of dexterity or another issue that may make it difficult for you to purchase supplies and roll your own joints. When choosing a preroll from a high-quality stock at a dispensary, you don’t have to worry about not knowing what’s in your joint: We catalog our prerolls by the cannabis strain name, its scientific classification, and its size.

Find High-Quality Prerolls in Wasilla or Palmer, AK

If you’re still in search of that perfect preroll or the best dispensary — or if you’ve just entered the cannabis community for the first time due to medical issues, pre-rolled joints can provide you with convenience and peace of mind. Review the options on our site, contact us with questions, or receive a personalized recommendation for your lifestyle. Check out the wide variety on our dispensary menu and shop at our Wasilla or Palmer, Alaska store for knowledgeable and friendly service today!

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