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We have the largest selection of flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates in Alaska

Rated the #3 Dispensary in Alaska by Weedmaps (Out of 165 Retail Locations)!

Here at Bad Gramm3r in Wasilla, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of Cannabis in the Mat-Su Valley. Since we work with the best growers and cannabis companies in the state, we’re able to fill our dispensary menu with top-shelf cannabis products. We’re always updating our menu to include new strains and other products, but you can always expect to find some popular types of products.

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Types of Cannabis Products We Carry

Before you dive into all of the many options on our dispensary menu, it might be helpful to think about what kind of experience you have. Are you looking for something to vaporize with your new dab rig, flower to enjoy with one of our glass pipes, or cannabis edibles? Once you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, navigate our wide selection by choosing one of the following categories on our dispensary menu.

Cannabis Flower

We have a massive selection of the best cannabis strains in Alaska. It goes way deeper than just choosing an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain. Each one of our strains has its unique flavor and scent thanks to the terpene profile it contains. As a result, many of our customers report that they like to find a strain that pairs nicely with the experience or activities they like to enjoy.

You can research some of our more popular strains online, and our budtenders will be happy to answer questions about the new strains on our menu. Expect to find a good mix of the legendary strains you know and some new ones you haven’t heard of yet. Working with skilled growers lets us offer many strains of top-shelf cannabis, and you can even buy pre-rolls for maximum convenience.

Cannabis Edibles

It seems like people from all walks of life appreciate edibles, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no need to inhale anything to appreciate cannabis, and there are all kinds of different edibles to choose from. Thanks to a variety of textures and flavors, there’s something for just about anyone on our cannabis dispensary menu.

If you like classic cannabis baked good, opt for a cookie. Maybe you prefer something a little bit more adventurous, in which case we might steer you toward some of the creative confections from people who make cannabis edibles in Alaska. You can also count on us for the ever-popular THC gummies.

Cannabis Concentrates

A little dab will do, but that didn’t stop us from stocking up on options. We have a variety of wax, shatter, and other cannabis concentrates that taste great and packs a punch. If you’re always looking to get the most flavorful dabs from your rig, look into something like terp sugar that still has a ton of its terpenes after the extraction process. Don’t let all of the choices overwhelm you– anything you find on our dispensary menu will be of great quality.

Cannabis Cartridges

Unlike some of the other forms of cannabis concentrates we carry, our THC cartridges are designed for max convenience. If you’d rather smoke from a cannabis vape pen than deal with an elaborate dab rig, this might be the way to go for you. You still get a good flavor, and in a much more convenient form.

Cannabis Topicals and Other Products

Some people prefer cannabis patches and other cannabis topicals. At Bad Gramm3r, we’ve got you there, too! No matter which type of cannabis product you want, you’re likely to find it at our cannabis dispensary in Wasilla. Our menu is always being updated, so check it out online or visit us in person!