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Whenever the discussion about cannabis happens, usually it’s about flower, pre-rolls, or edibles. However, one form that is just as effective and popular is topicals. Cannabis topicals are a useful way to apply cannabis and aren’t as known as they should be. Plenty of Alaskans are aficionados of cannabis and want any way to enjoy it. 

What are Cannabis Topicals?

A cannabis topical is any cannabis-infused lotion, balm, salves, oils, or even bath bombs that are applied to the skin in order to feel relaxed and relieved after a long day of enjoying the glaciers and fish-abundant rivers of the Mat Su Valley. Cannabis topicals aren’t psychoactive in nature, so there is no head high or euphoria to worry about. Cannabis topicals skip going through the bloodstream or liver, working subepidermal to create a calming and soothing effect on the body. Plenty of relaxation to enjoy the views of Wasilla or Palmer. Not everyone wants a cerebral voyage across the plains of other dimensions and that is why cannabis topicals are a wonderful alternative for the mellow types. 

How Do Cannabis Topicals or Topical Marijuana Work?

Fantastic question. Unlike flower or concentrates, cannabis topicals with THC won’t give you an intense high. Weed topicals are rubbed onto the source of whatever area of the body needs the most soothing, and it then is absorbed through the skin into the subepidermal layers to induce a pleasant relief. While smoking cannabis has nearly an immediate effect and edibles take a long time to activate, topicals are a nice middle road that doesn’t take too long to interact with your body. The skin’s cannabinoid receptors latch onto the THC and terpenes, interacting with the chemicals and causing the soothing feeling you need to carry on your day. Cannabis topicals overall are a fantastic choice for non-smokers and people who don’t want to be too high but still want to lay back. 

Best Topicals: Cannabis Lotion, Cannabis Cream, and THC Salve

Bad Gramm3r’s two locations in Wasilla and Palmer offer a spectacular array of cannabis balm, THC salve, cannabis lotion, cannabis cream, and other topical marijuana necessary for your wilderness adventures. So which ones are best for you? 

We offer our top sellers like:

    • Cavi Cream: The brand Caviar Gold offers a 1400mg CBD powerful cream for 110 dollars offered in store. 
    • Green Roads Muscle and Joint Relief Cream: Get green with the high CBD cream by Green Roads. 
    • CBD FX Hemp Detox Bath Salts: Coming in 100mg of CBD and a peppermint twist, these bath salts are great to relax with and get that detox you’ve needed for under 20 dollars. 
    • Green Roads CBD Bath Bombs: Unwind or relax with the two varieties of Green Roads award-winning CBD bath bombs in 150mg CBD packs. 
    • Bath Bombs by Canniatric: We also offer incredible CBD bath bombs by Canniatric for that soothing, after-work soak or that CBD serenity on a Sunday.
    • Plus CBD Oil Balm: Rub your worries away with the extra strength, full-spectrum 100mg oil balm to make every day a plus. 
    • CBD Serenity Lotion: For only 30 dollars, this tube of Serenity CBD lotion is ultra-hydrating and fast-acting so you can relax fast and enjoy your day.
    • Mt Marathon Muscle Salve: Winner of the Great Alaska Cannabis Bowl 2020 for Best Topical, the Mt Marathon Muscle Salve has a soothing menthol and camphor for that quick spray and go. It is made with emu oil, frankincense, and CBD as well so you have all-natural ingredients to go with the all-natural environment of greater Alaska. Available in 250 mg CBD.
    • CBD Cool Relief and Hot Relief Roll-On: Green Roads loves to keep things mellow with their topicals. Whether you want a warm bask of a CBD roll-on, or cool down with the Cool Relief, they are both award-winning and in a whopping 750mg of CBD magic for 65 dollars.

How do THC Bath Bombs Come into Play?

For the bathers out there, you are not left out when it comes to topical use of marijuana. Bad Gramm3r offers incredible THC bath bombs like the Green Roads CBD bath bomb that can either unwind or relax you with its two varieties. Just like any other bath bomb, fill up your tub and drop it in the water, then get in and let the journey unfold. It works then like any topical, infusing into your skin and acting quickly so you can have that Pinterest-worthy bath time. Put on some music and enjoy. 

Cannabis Topicals Available at Bad Gramm3r in Alaska

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about topicals and how they work. Bad Gramm3r has two top dispensaries located in Wasilla and Palmer. Our menus are online but you can also stop in to speak to any reputable budtender about what topical is right for you. We are considered the best cannabis dispensary in Alaska, so stop in and see why.

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