Glass Hand Pipes at Bad Gramm3r


Before people start a big glass collection, they usually start with hand pipes for weed. These products are so popular because they’re relatively easy to use and come in various options. 

When you visit Bad Gramm3r in Wasilla or Palmer, you’ll find all kinds of shapes and styles to choose from as you select your ideal pipe. Consider the benefits of glass pipes to decide if they’re appealing to you.

Benefits of Glass Pipes

One of our favorite things about pipes is that they offer such a simple way to enjoy cannabis. The material isn’t flammable, and it doesn’t add any of its flavor to your pot. They’re relatively easy to clean and sterilize between sessions, which means you can get full, unadulterated flavor every time you smoke. 

The other nice thing about glass hand pipes, especially when compared to rolling papers, is that they’re not creating anything else to inhale. The only thing going into your lungs is the cannabis or whatever else you pack in your bowl. Clay pipes, wood pipes, and rolling papers add a little extra smoke that affects both the taste and your lungs.

Last but not least, smoking out of a glass pipe is super easy. All you have to do pack your bowl, light it, and enjoy. No need to fumble around with rolling papers or other accessories. All you need is the pipe, a lighter, and the material you want to smoke.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Glass Pipe

Our knowledgeable budtenders at Bad Gramm3r in Palmer and Wasilla are happy to help you navigate the many pipe options in our dispensaries. They’ll take the time to learn about what you want before making a personalized suggestion just for you. 

Even so, there are three essential things you may want to consider:

1 – Styles of Pipes

Some glass blowing artists make unique pieces with intricate designs, and the creative expression is a pleasure to look at every time you pack a bowl. Some glass pipes, on the other hand, will come with a simpler design. If you’re looking for something to show off to your friends, you may want something with a little bit more detail. When you’re trying to be discreet, something less flashy may be preferable. 

2 – Glass Pipe Sizes

Another vital thing to think about is the size of your pipe. Some of our hand pipes are long, while others can be very small. The size affects how much smoke can be in the pipe at one time. People who are relatively new to smoking may prefer a pipe that delivers smaller hits, while some of our customers want a pipe that provides huge rips. Small pipes are also easy to take on the go, while larger options are normally reserved for the home.

3 – Glass Pipe Durability

Simply put, glass can break. The good news is that some pipes are blown with thicker glass so there’s less of a risk in case you ever drop them. If you’re looking for something that can handle more stress, choose a thick glass pipe without a lot of fragile details added on. 

Find Quality Pipes for Sale in Wasilla and Palmer at Bad Gramm3r

Bad Gramm3r is your source for legal cannabis paraphernalia in the Mat-Su Valley. We have a massive selection of glass pipes and the experience to help you choose one. Stop by today to get your pipe plus the product to smoke.