Ways to Consume Cannabis for Non-Smokers


When most people think of marijuana, they picture consuming it by smoking. However, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. Although smoking is an effective way to reap the benefits of cannabis, it is not for everyone. If you don't like smoking, here are some other ways you can get high.


Cannabis can be infused in many snacks and treats. Some people make cookies, chocolate bars, brownies and other sweets with marijuana. When the substance is consumed orally, it takes a while to feel the effects because it needs to break down through the intestines before it reaches the bloodstream. Some people have reported that eating edibles with a high amount of CBD reduces nausea.


Numerous lotions, balms, creams and sprays are infused with cannabis. When applying a topical, the substance gets absorbed through the skin, and this is great for localized relief. People who use topicals still benefit from the feeling of euphoria without reaching the same high associated with smoking marijuana.


You can buy cannabis-infused juice or make your own at home. When you consume juice, heating the cannabis is not necessary, which means you do not take advantage of any of the psychoactive effects. If you do want to make a juice on your own, then you should make sure you utilize raw, fresh cannabis buds. Dried cannabis cannot be used for juicing.


For many, vaporizing is the preferred method of utilizing medicinal cannabis. Although it seems equivalent to smoking, it is quite different. Vaporizing heats up the cannabis at a significantly lower temperature, so you gain the benefits of the plant without getting any of the harsh smoke. Vaporizers often range in cost from $50 to over $300.


People who use medicinal cannabis may have trouble getting the proper dosages through other means. For these individuals, capsules can provide them just the right dose of medicinal cannabis. Capsules are designed with structured doses, so you know precisely how much cannabis you are consuming at a time. Many people enjoy consuming cannabis through capsules because they do not require the same preparation and cleanup. Medical professionals are usually more than willing to prescribe cannabis capsules because they are more familiar with it.


Dabbing is a viable way to benefit from marijuana. Dabbing utilizes a flash-vaporization method where the cannabis concentrates are placed on top of a heated water-pipe attachment. The consumer then inhales the vapor to reap the potent effects. Consumers can dab with cannabis concentrates such as shatter, wax, or any other oil that extracts marijuana's chemical compounds like THC and CBD. Many people pursue this method because it produces vapor instead of smoke, and it provides a clean experience that does not require any plant material.


Tinctures are a powerful liquid that usually comes in the form of a liquid dropper and can be applied generously in a variety of ways. This method does not require smoking, is typically mess-free, and usually mixed with other ingredients to improve the taste. Tinctures can be applied directly on or under the tongue, on the skin, in drinks like coffee or tea, or mixed in foods such as pasta and soup. This way, the ingredients can enter the bloodstream right away. These methods provide the consumer with quick effects.

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